Skin Care

Skin Care

laser hair removalBody Contouring  Lasers are heard in every context of skin care now. Whenever you think of any skin procedure, you think of laser, when you think of hair removal, again laser. What are lasers? How are they so effective? Let us find out.

Lasers- what is that?

The full name of lasers is- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In lasers, the light has a single wavelength and does not get scattered. You can focus this very high energy light on any object. If you put on a torch at night, you will find the light scattering in a circle. In laser that does not happen. Light travels in a straight line without any scattering and carries very high energy.

Skin Care- How lasers are used?

Lasers are used for their high energy and focusing ability. While performing laser resurfacing of face, the surgeon can burn layer by layer of the skin with precise control. As the laser burns away the skin, there is no bleeding and control of contouring is very precise. Doctors can remove lot many surface damages with lasers.

Skin Care
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